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I have a '99 Silverado, 2wd, 4.3. The problem Im having is it the vehicle is surging, hesitating and stalling out. Many times it wont restart after it stalls out unless I let it sit for a while. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter. Then after recomendation from a Chevy dealership, I replaced the ICM. I went ahead and replaced the coil, and the crank senser positioning senser. Nothing has helped it. As a daily driver, I cant afford another tow bill, or the cost to take it to a shop, hense the reason I do it myself. Any insight that I may be missing? Any internet search reverts back to the peices I have already replaced. Thank You in advance, James Hamblin -James , South Webster
Few thoughts. 1. Mass Air Flow ? 2. Moisture in the distributor cap ?
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