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Hi Boots, I have a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L V8 with 65,800 miles on it. It is the spare car so it is only driven once a month or so. The last time the wife drove it no problems. Went to start it Christmas day and it had a dead battery. When I put the battery charger in it the Hydraulic Control Unit started to run. I then disconnected the battery and charged it. After it was charged I reconnected the battery and again the HCU started to run. I then started the car. It runs good but the ABS light, parking break light and the traction control light would not go off! I warmed up the car,drove up and down the street and parked back in the drive. The 3 lights stayed on. I turned off the car and raised the hood, and again the HCU continued to run; disconnected the battery and it stopped. I did not see any bad fuses and I have a full brake reservoir. Setting and releasing the parking brake did nothing. So my question is why did this all seem to happen after the battery went dead? What do I need to check? And how do I check what I need to check? I do know which end of the wrench is up but I also know my limitations on these newer cars. Any ideas that you might have would be greatly appreciated. P.S. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ON SATURDAY'S, I enjoy you guys. Thanks, Mike -Mike , Westerville
Relay sounds stuck. This happens when the relay goes bad in the battery junction box under the hood.
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