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I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer LS. My question is . Should we buy a rebuilt engine to put in or should we bebuild the one thats in it. The reason I am asking this is .I bought it used in Augest for $1,200. Body & interior is in excellent shape. Drove it home . It had a bit of a knock in the bottom . Took it to my mechanic. I was told it needed the main bearings replaced . Dummy me kept on driving it for three months more . Now it sounds worse of course . Everybody says I should just get a bebuilt motor to put in instead .I have priced around . There a bit pricey ($1,200-$1,600) just for the motor. Which would be the cheapest way to go .I,am on S.S.I.Government doesn't give us alot of money,Please Helpb -nancy , Marysville
I would go to LKQCORP.Com and price a used motor. There are lots of good low milage Blazer motors out there that are tested and ready to go.
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