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guys i have a 1969 oldsmobile 442 with the 400 motor i installed a mechanical oil pressure question is about the pressure at ilde it reads around 18 lbs of pressure at 2000 rpms it reads around 40 lbs of pressure is this normal for an olds motor. it has a mondello intake msd ignition,slightest bit of cam 2 1/2 inch exhaust 725 demon carb on it. just trying to find out if this is normal b4 i pull the heart out of her to do surgery if i need to... -freddy, columbus
My 502 in my 57 does the same thing at idle it sits around 20 and it drives me crazy. I called GM after I put the motor in and they said "Thats Normal" Its been like this since 2005 and no problems yet.
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