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I have a 69, 75, and 90 Corvettes. I have started sanding the old paint down to the fiberglass on the 75 and got very burned out, it only has 40,000 miles. The bumpers need replaced. I did get a set of used bumpers. I'm discouraged the value of a '75 is not worth all the work to paint it. Any info on how to find someone who may want to buy this project? I'm intimidated by e-bay. I'm on Craig's list now. I paid $6,500 and am selling for $4,900 but no luck! Same with the other 'Vetts I would would like to sell. -john, johnston
Unfortunately, the 1973 through 1977 Corvettes do not hold their value. I could never understand this because they are great looking cars. I think the reason is these years were the first years America felt a gas crunch. Their engines did not have much horse power or compression. The most horsepower offered for the '75 Corvette was 205 HP. $4,900 is more than fair for this project. Don't get discouraged and sell it short. It's a reasonable price, it's just that no one has extra cash right now.
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