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Listen to you guys about every Saturday. Love the show. 2013 Chevy Cruze. I've been rough on it. Drive it daily to work 120 mile round trip. 145,000 miles. Check engine light has been on for a while. Quick code check several months ago showed catalytic converter code. I tried to just limp on it for a while. Then the stabilitrac warning would come on intermittent. Early last week I basically lost acceleration and it would rev pretty high without shifting on acceleration. I ended up doing the manual bump shifting and that seems to work for now. I changed the oil this weekend and took neg battery terminal off to reset the check engine. It came back on in about an hour. Next day, it is now making a rough noise towards passenger front and on acceleration sounds like air escaping. Don't know what to do or who to take it to. I fear the turbo might be blown? It's the 1.4L turbo eco engine. I work in Cbus every day on the far east side. Thanks for any help you have! John -John , Frankfort
Way toooooo many issues going on here. Give Dave a call at Dart Automotive 614-875-7117 You need to get it scanned asap for the real codes
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